MMOcha - Platform for Multiplayer Games

(New!) Micro-Transaction Support

MMOcha developers now have access to in-game micro-transactions via XCash virtual currency. Thousands of players have already purchased XCash and are looking to spend it on virtual items in your game! Contact XGen Studios for more information.

About MMOcha

MMOcha is a platform empowering developers to create multiplayer games and interactive social environments on the web. MMOcha includes a high performance multi-user server, unified authentication and identity across all MMOcha titles (over 10 million existing accounts), and the MMOcha Data API for persisting players' stats and information.

Boxhead Bounty Hunter - Powered by MMOcha Server

MMOcha Server Technology

About MMOcha Server

MMOcha Server is a high performance, low-overhead TCP socket server implemented in Java. The primary purpose of MMOcha Server is to enable socket communication over the Internet between client applications based on the Adobe Flash platform.

Hosted MMOcha Server environments are available at no cost to studios working to develop titles under an XGen Studios Publishing Agreement.

More Information

To find out more about MMOcha technology and becoming part of XGen's developer network, please contact XGen Studios.