MMOcha - Platform for Multiplayer Games

Why MMOcha?

Before deciding to build our own solution, we investigated existing available existing socket servers; We found that they weren't designed to scale to the volume of data and players required for a real-time multiplayer flash game.

Real Performance for Real-Time Games

Because many server solutions do more than you need, they consume large amounts of RAM and CPU cycles under a relatively small load.

Commercially available socket servers typically benchmark performance at a message frequency of 1 to 10 seconds. That's great for chat applications, but inadequate for action-oriented multiplayer games which transmit in excess of 10 messages per second per player. Games built with MMOcha can send data at 30 times the rate our competition uses to benchmark resource consumption and maximum player volume for their own products.

Data Format: Fragging Efficient

While XML is a great choice for some applications, it is a bloated data format and can make the cost of offering a mutiplayer game infeasible - or much higher than it should be.

You'll want to investigate whether your server solution can provide guaranteed broadcast of 40 messages per second to a room of 4-16 players, while scaling to support several thousand players on a single server with a 100 or 1000 Mbps uplink. MMOcha can.

Serve's Up!

We'll be honest; Our competition is a great choice if you want to create a turn-based game or point-and-click environment, and you can afford the hefty licensing fees. However, turn-based flash games have limited potential when scrutinized by today's demanding players. Conversely, the peak popularity and traffic retention for MMOcha-powered titles have proven far greater than traditional Flash games.

We're confident that you'll find our server is the best solution for building real-time mutiplayer flash games - just ask our 10+ Million players.

Stick Arena: Smash Hit

Our server was designed specifically to meet the requirements of Stick Arena; High volume at a minimal cost. Stick Arena's server is exceptionally stable; Even with 4000+ simultaneous players daily during peak times, the technology has maintained nearly 100% uptime.

Boxhead Bounty Hunter: The New Precedent

With up to 16 Players per arena, and XCash virtual currency support for in-game microtransactions, Boxhead Bounty Hunter is raising the bar for real-time multiplayer flash games.

We can offer expertise in coding the client-side; A proven Client/Server communication protocol, Prediction methods, and the other techniques you'll require to create a successful, modern multiplayer flash game. We can also work with existing publishers & sponsors; get in touch to find out more.