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Stick Arena: Dimensions

MMOcha Server Technology was designed specifically to meet the demanding performance requirements of Stick Arena.

  • Expanded 2013
  • Over 3 Million Active Players
  • Thousands of Premium Subscriptions
  • More than 600 Million Rounds Played
  • "Possibly one of the greatest Flash games ever made."
    -- Game Garage

Learn more about Stick Arena and MMOcha server technology in a gotoAndPlay interview with its creators.

Stick Arena - Powered by MMOcha Server

Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

Online multiplayer deathmatch, Boxhead style.

  • Launched November, 2009
  • Supports "XCash" Virtual Currency for in-game Microtransactions
  • 16-Player Deathmatch
Boxhead: Bounty Hunter - Powered by MMOcha Server

Territory War Online

Turn-based multiplayer strategy game. Launched May 2008.

Territory War Online - Powered by MMOcha Server

Dino Run: Multiplayer Edition

Coming to Steam 2014. Real-time multiplayer racing game, developed by the IGF award-winning studio Pixeljam Games.

Dino Run - Powered by MMOcha Server

Brotherhood of Battle

Co-Developed by Jazza Studios and Biclops Games

Brotherhood of Battle - Powered by MMOcha Server


Art by Edmund McMillen. A production, launched October 2007.

Host - Powered by MMOcha Server